Custom Production Guitar Pickups

Based out of Oklahoma City, Maclay Works strives to find the balance between the best tone and the best price available for custom, production pickups. What exactly does that mean– custom production? It means that we have a commercial line of products available that we allow YOU to customize. Each pickup is hand wound to order to your provided specifications, and additional custom options can also be worked out. Contact us below– we look forward to serving you!

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Pickups designed for metal. Featuring a dual slug design, this allows for maximum clarity and even tone across all strings. Offers a wide variety of magnet and winding choices to hone in your tone.



Passive pickups, but based off of active pickups’ tonality. Perfect for high gain setups where clarity is still needed.

Heritage and Supercharged


For players looking for a more traditional tone. These pickups are modeled after PAFs, but come with modern amenities such as 4 conductor wiring and wax potting.

Heritage and Supercharged


Hotter versions of the Heritage line for players that are looking for a more classic distorted tone.

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Please send us a message to inquire about our custom guitar pickups. We look forward to hearing from you!

Maclay Works Custom Guitar Pickups

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